Audit and segment your database by subscriber activity

Your most engaged subscribers who have opened an email or clicked a link in the last 12 month Your most recent subscribers who have opted in for your emails in the last 12 monthsContacts with online activity in the last 12 months, such as online purchases, website visits, account activity, active paid subscriptions Your most inactive and unengaged subscribers who do not meet the above criteria for the last 12 months If you’ve been in regular contact with your list over the last 12 months you can continue sending emails as usual to your engaged subscribers, and you may consider sending a re-engagement email to your inactive or unengaged users. However, if you haven’t regularly emailed your list—sending at least 1 or 2 emails every 6 months—then you will need to carefully ramp-up sending emails to your full list.

Any subscriber who

has shown no activity or engagement in over 12 months should be remov from your list, as sending to these “ghost” contacts will only harm Belarus WhatsApp Number List  your sender reputation. You also risk emailing and landing on an anti-spam blocklist.

Your sender reputation is tied to your sending domain — which is everything after the “@” in your From email address. Depending on when you last emailed your full list and the size of your list, you may need to slowly train mailbox providers that your emails are legitimate and your subscribers want to receive them.

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To re-build your

domain reputation, send an email to a smaller segment of your list. And monitor how your subscribers respond in the next 24 hours. If you see good delivery and engagement metrics. Like open rates above 10%. Bounce rates under 4% and spam B2B Fax Lead complaints around 0.02%. You can then double the volume for your next campaign and again review the results after 24 hours. It is crucial to review your results after every campaign to assess the impact. The increase in email volume has on your overall results, and take steps to address any underlying before ramping-up to your full list.

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