Belitung Regency Government Signs MoU

The Belitung Regency Government signed a joint agreement regarding the administration of Governance and Regional Potential Development as well as the Regional Grant Agreement Document (NPHD) for the SPBE application belonging to the Sumedang Regency Government.

The signing of the agreement was held at the Sumedang State Building, (19/01/2023). between Sumedang Regent Dony Ahmad Munir and Belitung Regent of Bangka Belitung Islands Province Sahani Saleh, also attended by 3 other District Governments namely Siak Regent of Riau Province Alfedri, South Konawe Regent of Southeast Sulawesi.

Province Surunuddin Dangga and Karawang Regent Cellica Nurrachadiana from

The Sumedang Regency Government. Is Now Latest Mailing Database a National. Reference in the Implementation. Of the Electronic Based Government System (Spbe).

The Sumedang District Government Shared Their. Experiences and Shared Their Studies for Emulation. The Sumedang District Government Granted. However, The Spbe Application to All Local Governments in Indonesia.

Sumedang has been named the area with the best public service or prime service at the national level.

In personnel management, the Government of Sumedang Regency also won the first best title in the Implementation of the National Level Meritocracy and Personnel Management System which indicates that the Sumedang district has implemented a personnel management policy properly based on qualifications, competence and performance aspects.

Salman hopes that the public will become more aware that stunting is not something to be taken lightly. This is because children who are stunted will have difficulty growing up.

This is because his body size and brain capacity are not optimal Not in line with the Belitung

Latest Mailing Database

Regency Human Development Index Deputy Regent B2B Fax Lead of Belitung, Isyak Meirobie said he was surprised by the stunting data in Belitung Regency. The reason is that in 2022 the human development index number in Belitung Regency has increased.

“So our logic is like this, if our human development index goes up how come our stunting goes up too. If our human development index goes up, stunting should go down. Even though in the Human development index there is access to nutrition in it,” said Vice Regent Isyak.

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