Content Repurposing Strategy 180k to 1.2M Followers

He had been steadily publishing seven pieces of content weekly for the 12 months before this exceptional growth spurt. However, he made one critical change to his content strategy. That made the next six months exponentially more successful. He began repurposing more content. He increased his content output from seven pieces of content per week to 80 pieces of content per week. The best part? He only spent two days out of the entire month creating content. I studied Alex Hormozi’s repurposing strategy, and in this post. I’ll break down his exact workflow and give you the tools you need to exponentially. Increase your content output without increasing the time or effort spent creating content. Content repurposing is a content marketing strategy that can help you increase content output by turning.

What Is Content Repurposing

A single piece of content (such as a YouTube video, a podcast episode, or a blog post). Into multiple pieces of content by publishing a modified version of it across multiple other platforms (LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.). For example, you might record a YouTube video and then take clips from. It to publish on Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube shorts. You could also take quotes from that video to publish as text Buy Bulk SMS Service on Twitter or use images from the video to publish on Instagram. Therefore, you only have to come up with one idea. But then you can turn that single content idea into multiple pieces of content. Then, you can hire a virtual assistant to extract the best snippets from your long-form content and then format and optimize them for each platform.

The Benefits Of Repurposing Content

This strategy is how Alex Hormozi increased his content output from seven to 80 pieces per week without increasing. The time he spent creating content. The secret to content marketing success is publishing a high quantity of high quality content. Yet publishing high quality content at scale is difficult. Because a prerequisite of high quality content is that it comes from real experts with real world experience. However, real experts have limited time because they’re busy doing the job they’re an B2B Fax Lead expert at to create content. For example, Alex Hormozi is a businessman – not a content creator. Therefore, he spends most of his time doing business and doesn’t have much time to create content.

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