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Rules in the .Algorithm .To. Identify .Whether .Your .Url. Is Good. Relevant. And, Most Importantly, Whether It Contains. the .Search .Term. That Is .Important .To.your User, So Your Website Nes to Worry About Addresses, Always. Take into .Account: Put the Search Term (The Keyword) in Your Url; Configure the Website, Avoid Unnecessary .Terms.and .Characters. In. The. Address; Ruce Addresses As. Much as Possible; Think About the Search Results on .Google, Is The.address .Helping the User? 7th: Page Titles the Title of a Page Is the One That Appears at the Top of the Browser, in One of the Chrome Tabs, If That’s the Browser You’re Using

This means that the titles are not readable

And I probably know that it’s normal for you to have the tab context that I’m seeing now: Page titles in Google Chrome This means that the titles are not readable, After all, there are a lot of tabs, The content of the page is much more important, right? In truth no, The content is important, yes, but the title is equally crucial, Let’s go back to Google: Page Title – Google Result What is the most prominent topic in the search results? It’s the title of the new database   page, It’s the first thing the user sees and it’s the detail that will determine whether they click on the result and access your website or not, And here, go back to manual testing.

Your website doesn't do anything

Go to your website and hover your mouse at the top of the browser, on the tab you are in, What does your title say? Just the name of your company? Do not say anything? If it says nothing, you are communicating not only to the user but also to Google that your site is probably not relevant, Because the title, which is the most important item in the search result, does not have the terms that the person is searching for, and is not in line with what your company offers, In practice, your website doesn’t do anything, He doesn’t introduce B2B Fax Lead  himself, It doesn’t say what it came from, But calm down, It could still be worse, Now open other pages on your website and repeat the test, Is the title the same as the home page.

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