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Today we live in a world of visual media. Numerous experiments and statistics have proven that websites with high-quality photos can perform orders. This is not only true from the point of view of users, Google also ranks websites with more images higher. We may be wondering how to make the best possible use of its potential on our website – so that we either don’t have to pay for it, or pay a minimal amount. Because if we are aware of the best way to use and collect photos, we are much more likely to achieve good results. Some statistics, interesting facts 32% of marketers believe that visual images are the most important element of their business and activity , while only 27% believe that it is blogging, even though many people today identify search engine optimization with blogging.

Good quality legal Some statistics interesting facts

good-quality, The question may arise in us, which is the better option: to collect premium quality photos somewhere (stock photos) or to use individually created ones? Which Phone Number Data ones perform better? At first, it might seem obvious that we should use the photos of professional photographers related to the topic. This statement can be very deceiving, because it is true: these pictures are almost always better quality than those that someone takes individually in connection Good quality legal with their own activities, even if they hire a photographer. Custom images bring us more conversions, for example, we get 35% more subscribers if we use custom photos instead of stock photos.

How to collect custom images

good-quality, If it’s really true that custom images perform better, wouldn’t the right thing to do be to use them everywhere? We should strive B2B Fax Lead for this, but unfortunately it is not always possible. If we want to display our company’s website, image and services to our visitors, we must try to use our own images . It would be a big mistake if, say, we had a sports club and there were no pictures of our athletes. It is also important that if we want to present an institution or location, then the appropriate element should also be included. For example, in the case of a museum, the image of the museum in question should be displayed on the website.

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