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A newline can occur after any whitespace character, including any of a series of whitespace characters. Here’s the text when we set whitespace as the delimiter: Empower your team. Lead the industry. Subscri to a library of online courses and digital learning tools for your organization. Whitespace is set to line breaks How browsers handle whitespace It can hard to tell what each value does, so breaking it down helps.   for definitions: Fold: Fold applies to white space. When whitespace is collaps, multiple whitespace characters in the text are ruc to a single character.

The content starts on one

Line and continues to the next line when the end of the containing element is reach. No Line Wrap: Content is display on one line only. Preserve: This means to preserve literal spaces, newlines, tabs and other formatting Norfolk Island Business Email List characters in the text. It is typically us for code and other text where newlines and whitespace are important. Delet: This is exactly what it sounds like. Sometimes the whitespace at the end of the line is simply remov. : This term is us to determine what happens to white space. If suspend, it will remain at the end of the line. If not, it goes to the next line. The following table summarizes the havior of whitespace values.

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Newline space tab text

Newline end-of-line space end-of-line other whitespace normal collapse collapse-wrap eliminate hanging Prewrap save save hang hanging preline save collapse collapse remove hanging break space save save wrap B2B Fax Lead handle overflow when us The overflow property tells the browser what to do with the content when it is too large to fit in an area. When you set whitespace to , you usually want to combine it with the overflow property so that the text doesn’t get cut off abruptly when it reaches the ge of the element, as in the example above. You can set the overflow property to one of the following values.

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