The best image sources for banners

When creating an online banner, one of the most important elements are the images, since they are largely responsible for capturing the attention of users. But do you know where to find high-resolution banner images? Regardless of whether you are a designer or not, one of the most useful resources that exists to download free (or paid) images are sources or image banks. So so that you can get straight to the point and not waste time, in this post we have selected the best image sources to design a web banner. Before selecting the image for your banner, you need to be very clear about two main things. 1) If you leave the design of your banner in the hands of professionals.

If you are going

To create the banner yourself with online resources (using easy-to-use design programs, where you do not need advanced knowledge). 2) On which channel Betting Email List you are going to use the banner: to get an idea of ​​its orientation and size, and choose the appropriate image (if, for example, you want it to send mass emails or to place it statically on your website) . Therefore, we can make this classification: Free or personalized: Opt for a free or personalized online banner ? If you choose the first option because your budget is limited, images for banners can be found in free image sources such as Pixabay or Pexels. For a website: Selecting an image for a web banner is not the same as selecting an image for a social media banner.

For a web page

The most common thing is to design a horizontal banner. To add it to the top, or a square banner to place it in the sidebar of the website. Below, we leave you a list of tools B2B Fax Lead where you. Can find quality images for your banner designs. These are some of the image banks (free and paid): Freepik. This image bank, The best image more than standing out for the free resources. It offers, is worth it for the valuable resources it has in the premium version, which allows you to access many high-resolution contents that you couldn’t before. One of the functions that caught our attention is the PSD section, where you will find files that you can edit in Photoshop. Ideal for those professionals who use Photoshop as their design tool. By applying the code below, you can take advantage of this limited offer.

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