The Importance of a Well-Rounded Strategy

However, don’t totally rule out the possibility of utilizing other channels yet. While Boomers may not be the most digitally connected generation, their use of mobile devices is still quite considerable. Take into consideration that 50% of Boomers have made an in-app purchase, while 19% have purchased digital content via mobile. They are also using their devices in-store to assist them in making purchases that fit both their needs and budget. Indeed, nearly half of the surveyed population have used their mobile phone to research purchases, while 50% have browsed for products in-store but ultimately purchased online.

While fewer respond to

SMS/MMS and social media posts and advertisements, the possibility to find engagement on those channels is not completely lacking. While this reach may not be breaking the 50% mark — notably, 25% of Boomers have made a purchase from Argentina WhatsApp Number List a social media post in the last year, and 11% of Boomers have made a purchase from an SMS/MMS communication in that same time. While these channels may have not completely caught the attention of this older generation — as the omnichannel marketing experience becomes more ordinary, there’s reason to believe that their channel interests and responses may broaden in time.

Regardless of channel

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Boomers, like other generations, have a desire for personalized experiences. They want relevant content and offers that adequately address their needs — and they’re willing to share data about themselves to receive this personalization. Such personalization stands to be the heart of Relationship Marketing, allowing for a focus on creating long-term customer satisfaction. Therefore, in order for brands to truly make the most of their relationships with Boomers, they must do several key things to keep this generation loyal, interested, and trusting: brands must respect the data privacy of their customers, create worthwhile value exchanges, and prioritize zero-party data strategies.

Successful messaging entails collecting, understanding, and activating zero-party data throughout the entire messaging process. With the right tech B2B Fax Lead stack, brands can easily personalize email, helping them build more robust relationships with their customers. Emails should reflect the unique interests of customers and include dynamic content that is simple to navigate.

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