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The main advantage of is

t contains , and (optionally) bas design templates for typography, forms, buttons, navigation, and other interface components.  that it is mobile responsive out of the box, so we don’t have to write mia queries for all cellular devices, tablets and desktop computers. However, is very popular and easily recognizable, so developers should avoid it if they want a unique experience. what is ? A utility-first framework containing classes such as and that can combin to build any design directly in markup. Like , it’s mobile-responsive first, saving developers a lot of time. Unlike , however, it is an open framework that encourages the development of unique experiences from the start.

What is style sheets have

Come larger, more complex, and harder to maintain. This is where the preprocessor can help. Allows you to use features that don’t exist in , such as variables, nest rules, mixins, imports, inheritance, builtins, and others. Ideal for United Arab Emirates Business Email List large projects where many different pages may share a similar style or theme. That wraps up our list of interview questions you should know fore your next big job interview! We hope you found it useful and learn something new to help you create an amazing online web experience for your next project! Don’t forget to check out our top courses or free guides on and to continue learning front-end styling and advance your development career.

 B2B Email List

Strikethrough is a property

That makes text appear to struck out, like this. In web development and writing, this is often us to indicate that text has en delet or is no longer relevant. But it can also us for different things. Strikethrough can appli to span B2B Fax Lead elements, paragraphs, , display inline-blocks, or anything else that requires text decoration. Along with underlining, overlining, italics, and bold, strikethrough is a great way to convey information through the element. Today, we’ll learn how to use strikethrough (known as line breaks) in or , why you should use it, and when you shouldn’t.

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