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The most frequent question Group and which today celebrates the deserve recognition together with Bulldog. BLOGS Mini guide to Email Design Publication date How to create successful DEM campaigns and newsletters? Follow our checklist and discover the secrets to conversion proof email campaigns Contrary to what many might think, email marketing is not ancient history at all and the statistics relating to opening rates prove it according to the Maipu Statistical Observatory on Email Marketing. All as long as you follow some best practices for successful DEM campaigns , which are very useful for increasing the conversion rate.


What makes the difference is not only the content you want to communicate, but also the photo editing servies ability to “take care of its look”, without neglecting all those elements that influence aesthetics, but also all the on mail metrics. Which ones are they? Here are some tips for successful email design and all the mistakes to avoid. WHAT IS EMAIL DESIGN? Even when it comes to DEMs and newsletters , aesthetics and presentation have their weight. For this reason, it is correct to talk about email design by referring to that set of elements that are essential to the success.

Beyond the initial euphoria

The campaign and which influence the main reference B2b Fax Lead metrics open rate, conversions and clicks. From the more purely aesthetic ones colors, images and layout to the more strictly technical and functional ones CTA, footer and responsive , no element can be left to chance. Let’s see the ones that absolutely should not be overlook. OBJECT AND PRE HEADER Although not strictly speaking one of the design elements, the subject of the email is essential, as is the pre header that completes it. The reason is simple it is a sort of business card.

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