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If it seems like there are too many, add some synonyms. organizes thematic subsections according to primary relate keywords. Google is getting better and better at understanding relate terms. Don’t be afraid of it. uses keywords and its variations in a natural way. Don’t overthink it. Use synonyms, abbreviations, plurals and more like normal people. uses key words in image text in a natural way. Image titles, alt texts and captions are. Don’t force keywords in there, just do it when it’s appropriate. uses keywords in titles in a natural way. Write for people first, and if you can keep your target keyword at the top of the title and/or H1s, do it. uses keywords naturally in the URL. It shouldn’t be too difficult if you use it in the title.

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Throw all your cards on the table as quickly as possible. Bonus round: some technical SEO content issues Technical SEO is usually a completely separate story. Most of the technical SEO factors are page-wide issues that nee to be reviewe and the most important phone number list ones eliminate before you try to start optimizing your content. However, there are some technical considerations specific to individual content, and it would be remiss of me to ignore them: Content loads quickly. or less to do it. Make sure that images and other meia files do not slow down the loading of your content.

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Content works well on mobile devices. This probably won’t be a problem ifdesign (which many do), but make sure forms and call-to-action buttons are B2B Fax Lead clickable, images are centere, and so on. The page exists in the page’s XML sitemap. Help Google find and understand your content! Internal links point to content. uses key words and its variations in the first 100 words in a natural way. Don’t be clumsy, just do as much as you can.

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