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Other formatting such as font and font size will still respect, but will only convert all lowercase letters to their uppercase variants. Books on and By using this property, you can change the formatting of any word in a string without changing the text itself. Let’s see how to use this text convert uppercase function. Why use uppercase? In some cases, you may ne to use the attribute. For example, if you want all text on your website to in uppercase, you can use this attribute on the tag to achieve that effect. You can also use it for titles or headlines that you want to stand out from the rest of the text on the page.

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Year Month Lectures All Levels just add hours of . come a developer with one course  and more! By Colt Steele Browser support for uppercase letters is nearly universal, with most modern browsers supporting it. However, there Qatar Business Email List are some older browsers that do not fully support this attribute. If you’re concern about browser compatibility, you can use a library such as to add support for uppercase letters to older browsers. Capitalization is often us to format text enter by the user. For example, a user might enter the name , and you might want it to display as . How to convert uppercase using text in.

 B2B Email List

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Let’s take a deeper look at text transformation properties and functions. For example, to use text transforms on , you would add the following line to your stylesheet: text transform: uppercase ; this will ensure that all text in the B2B Fax Lead select paragraph is render in uppercase. You can also use the text conversion functions to convert text to lowercase or titlecase. Text to Lowercase:   lowercase. Text Convert Title Case: This will use title case on the text, modifying the first letter of each word. Here is an example.

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