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WBP Tanjungpandan Prison Does Not Receive

The moment of Religious Holidays is a moment of happiness that is always awaited. This is also felt by Correctional Families (WBP) who are undergoing a coaching period in Correctional Institutions (Lapas). One of the things WBP looks forward to when the moment of Religious Holidays is Remission or Reduction of Sentences.

In the Christmas moment of December 25 2022 this time there is no WBP Class IIB Tanjungpandan Regional Office of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights Babel who has received Special Remission (RK). As many as 2 WBP Christians who celebrated Christmas at the Tanjungpandan Prison did not receive remission because they did not meet the requirements in accordance with applicable regulations.

Regional Secretary of Belitung Regency MZ Hendra Caya said that of the total

Budget ceiling for 2022, which amounted to more Phone Number List than 1.2 trillion rupiah, 87.82 percent had been absorbed.

“The realization of yesterday’s 2022 budget absorption totaled Rp. 1,058,100,673,899,” said Regional Secretary Hendra.

Regional Secretary Hendra also stated that physical work in 2022 is part of the Belitung Regency government’s medium-term work plan.

Belitung Regent Sahani Saleh, a number of activities inaugurated today are part of the work to be carried out by the Belitung Regency Government in 2022. The Regent also mentioned that there are several other works that will be inaugurated in the future.

The Belitung Regent continued, the physical work to be carried out in 2022 must indeed be conveyed to the wider community. This is related to efforts to encourage openness of development information in Belitung Regency.

What we have done we must convey to the people the results will be in 2022

Latest Mailing Database

The Regent Said That of the Total Apbd Owned by the Belitung. Regency B2B Fax Lead Government, Most of It Was Allocated. For the Health Sector (34%) and Education (28%). 10 Percent of the Apbd is Allocated for Villages, 25 Percent for Infrastructure and the Rest for Governance.

For the Year of Physical Work in 2023, the Regent of Belitung. Stated That He Would Continue to Focus. On the Education and Health Sectors. As Well as Completing Clean Water. Services.

On this occasion, Regent Sahani also gave certificates of appreciation to the Belitung District Attorney and Police.

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