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Weekly Or Monthly Shop Performance Dashboard

The eCommerce dashboard can be configured to show data for a specific period (weekly, monthly, etc.). They are a basic method for tracking success and identifying areas for improvement.

Constantly monitoring your eCommerce business can help you succeed. This ensures that your organization is on pace to achieve its long term goals. Using the performance dashboard, you can compare how your store performed this week against how it performed last week or this month against how it performed last month.

For example, if you find that sales are dropping on certain days of the week, you can change your store operations on those days. Alternatively, if you observe a decline in customer satisfaction, you can investigate the cause and make adjustments to improve the buying experience.

Marketing And Promotion Dashboard

Marketing is very important for businesses that want to promote their products or services. But with so many channels and strategies available, it can take time to determine where to focus your efforts. In phone number list these situations, dashboard metrics can be very useful.

Ecommerce website visitors come from a variety of sources, including search engines, paid search, social media, and email marketing. Small changes to the performance of these channels can have a significant impact on your bottom line. An eCommerce marketing dashboard containing metrics on overall marketing performance, marketing campaigns and individual marketing channels can help you determine how to increase your marketing efficacy.

Tracking KPIs such as website traffic, social media engagement and conversion rates can help determine which campaigns are having the greatest impact.

 Customer Support Dashboard

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The customer support dashboard is a useful tool that allows businesses to track client interactions and measure satisfaction. Companies that track how their customers are feeling can identify problem areas and solve them.

The customer support dashboard provides a holistic view of your customer service and allows you to take the necessary steps to improve the efficiency of your customer service staff.

Additionally, customer support dashboards typically include information such as wait times, average handling time, and B2B Fax Lead first call resolution rate. This data can be used to evaluate the performance of customer service agents and make necessary adjustments. Businesses can also learn more about how customers feel about their experiences by tracking sentiment data.

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