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What Should You Include In Your Ecommerce Dashboard

To create the most effective ecommerce dashboard, you must first select the most important KPIs and indicators. Here are the top eCommerce key performance indicators your store performance dashboard should include:

Traffic sources
Track where your traffic is coming from to ensure that it is coming from sources that are more likely to convert visitors into customers. For example, if you receive a lot of traffic from social media but few sales, you should focus on getting traffic from other sources.

Every Online Business Needs Traffic

but it’s difficult to determine which sources provide the most customers and revenue. Facebook, for example, is an effective source of traffic because it converts better than other channels. This can attract more customers to your business.

But if most of your traffic or revenue comes from search engine results pages, it may be time to step up your SEO efforts.

Revenue and sales
This is the most obvious factor database to monitor, and it is very important to monitor the overall sales and sales for each type of product. This will reveal which products are selling well and where adjustments may be needed.

You can take advantage of earnings statistics in a number of ways; your imagination is the only limit. You can use your  company’s revenue as a snapshot of its performance over time, or you can break it down by the products it sells.

Conversion rate
This indicator tracks the number of visitors who took a particular action, such as making a purchase, subscribing to a newsletter or something else.

On An Ecommerce Dashboard


conversion rate is one of the most important metrics. It shows how many of your website visitors become paying clients.

A high conversion rate shows that your store visitors are turning into customers.
Average order value
The total amount of revenue spent per order is the “average order value”. It is calculated by dividing the total revenue from sales by the number of transactions. If a business wants to predict potential B2B Fax Lead revenue, it needs to know on average how much money it is making from each customer. By analyzing the average order value, you can determine the effectiveness of your marketing and customer service.

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