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Twitter launched new features in 2022 to diversify their income beyond advertising, including Twitter Blue subscriptions, multiple media formats, co-Tweets, an edit button, and more. Will Elon Musk’s prediction turn out to be true for 2023? Time will tell.
Former U.S. President Obama has held the top spot for a few years, with over 133 million followers. Longtime popular users Justin Bieber, Rihanna, and Katy Perry still rank in the top five but new for 2023 is current Twitter owner Elon Musk in the #2 spot with 127 million followers.
In a recent survey of mobile users, 52% of Americans engaged with the Twitter app during the study period, placing it in sixth.Twitter has held steady in the seventh spot since 2021. The percentage of people ages 16-64 who say each of the top 10 platforms is their favorite has remained relatively constant, though rivals Instagram and WhatsApp have dropped slightly since 2022 Q1 — 0.3% and 0.4%, respectively. In contrast, Twitter’s popularity has risen by 0.2% throughout 2022.

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It’s no secret Musk’s leadership is a divisive topic for Twitter users, with some applauding his decisions and others disagreeing.
But, a February 2023 survey has found Musk’s public approval rating as CEO has increased to 34%, up from 30% before his purchase of Twitter was complete. Though there was also an almost-equal 5% jump in those who disapprove. For comparison, only 18% of Americans currently approve of how Congress is doing its job.

Sound the alarms: Gen Z doesn’t hate Twitter. 42% of Americans ages 12-34 now use Twitter, compared to only 29% in 2020 — a 36.6% boost over two years. Comparatively, Instagram adoption only business database increased by 5.7% during the same period.
The oldest Gen Zers are about 25 in 2023, so this Twitter stat may be skewed at the higher age range by those pesky Millennials in the mix. Still, it offers food for thought.

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The lesson here is to ensure data is guiding your social media marketing strategy. We’re exposed to so many “Gen Z only cares about TikTok” thinkpieces, it’s easy to take it as fact. While your particular Gen Z audience may not be on Twitter, make sure to test that hypothesis first, Dr. Viral.

People who post more than five Tweets per month follow an average of 405 accounts, whereas those who posted less often follow an average of 105 accounts.
This survey didn’t report options for nonbinary people, so it doesn’t capture the full spectrum of gender for all Twitter users. However, it does illustrate the wide gender B2B Fax Lead gap on Twitter. That gap is only getting wider in 2023. In 2022, 56.4% of Twitter users identified as male and 43.6% identified as female — a much closer ratio.

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