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Content marketing communicate in the hybrid organization We saw this trend last year , when we calle it ‘Communicating with a fragmente workforce’. But is the term ‘fragmente’, with its negative association, still appropriate? Also in 2022 (and beyond) the staff of many organizations will continue to work spread over different locations. This is partly due to how we want to shape the way of working together in the future. Leaders and managers have notice that working from home does indee ‘work’. Employees indicate en masse that they enjoy working partially or completely from home.

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Many employees say they are more productive at home. That is why organizations are making the choice photo editor to have their employees (at least partially) work from home permanently. Something that was born out of necessity has already become an integral part of our current working climate. For some organizations, hybrid working means that they will have to take into account different types of employees in the future. We have been familiar with employees who work in the office for some time, employees who work on location at the customer or in the field.

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Ad non-desk employees who, for example, work as drivers or in a factory. So now there is a permanent (somewhat newer) extra type of employee: the home worker. Are the home worker and office worker one pot wet? We stay with that homeworker for a while. Think back to your own situation at the beginning of the corona crisis. Chances are you starte B2B Fax Lead working from home overnight. For example, you packe your laptop at the end of the day on. Tuesday, took it home, and starte working from home on Wenesday. Did your work change? Probably not.

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