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Aleksandra Olszewska May , You will read in ~ min. Forwarding URL rirection allows you to move the select website to another URL. Before it is made, you should decide whether the page is being mov permanently or temporarily. Which option will be better in terms of positioning? Check out our article on and rirects and their impact on SEO. URL rirection what does it mean? URL rirection is nothing more than a technique thanks to which you can inform search engine robots as well as users that a given website has been mov to another URL (to another location.

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In other words, it is opening a different URL than the one originally select. In addition, we can distinguish permanent and temporary rirections. What is a rirect? The rirect in English means “mov permanently” and is us most often. It informs Google robots that the given URL has been permanently mov. It is also a signal for phone number list robots to treat the new address (after applying ) as canonical and to display it in search results. When to use a rirect? A rirect can be us in several cases describ below Rirect from to s version When you install the SSL certificate on the domain, you should create a rirect to the version with the prefix s.

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Failure to do so will result in duplication of content, which may have a negative impact on positioning. You can rirect to s by adding the following  formula to the .htaccess file, which you can find in the CMS root directory RewriteEngine On RewriteCond {S} !=on RewriteRule ^ s{HOST}{REQUESTURI} [L,R= ], you B2B Fax Lead ne to prepare external rirects for each subpage of the website. In order not to be mistaken, it is worth creating a map of rirections before migration.

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