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Google Marketing Platform certification is awarded to those who have demonstrated a deep understanding of. Therefore, Google’s marketing platform, including the ability to use tools. Therefore, such as Display & Video 360 , Search Ads 360, Campaign Manager, and. Therefore, Google Analytics 360. To pass it, you must complete several exams, including Display Advertising, Video Advertising, and Search Advertising.


Google Marketing Platform Certification

Please note that prices may vary depending on . Therefore, geographic location executive email list and local currency. Additionally, some Google certification programs have special discounts or promotions from time to. Therefore, time. Here are some details about the costs of Google certifications: Google Ads Certification Individual Google Ads certification exams cost $50 each. There is also the possibility of obtaining the full certification, which includes the Search Advertising, Display Advertising, Video Advertising and Shopping Advertising exams, for a total cost of $200.


Google My Business Certification

Google Analytics certification costs $50 per exam. It is. Therefore, important to note that, to obtain full certification, you must pass two exams: the Google Analytics Individual Qualification and the Google Analytics Advanced. Google Marketing Platform. Therefore, Certification B2B Fax Lead Google Marketing Platform certification costs vary depending on the exam. For example, the Display Advertising exam costs $50, while the Search Ads 360 exam costs $100.

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