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Downloadable materials Downloadable materials, such as guides or e-books, are also popular. For downloaded materials it is usually necessary to leave contact information or subscribe to a newsletter. Different guides and e-books often deal with the company’s best areas of expertise, as this is usually the area where the company offers the most services. For example, an accounting firm could publish an Excel file as a downloadable material that automatically calculates the cost of hiring the first employee as you enter actual values. Webinars and Live Streams There are also many different free webinars and live streams to choose from. It is usually also necessary to leave. Webinars and live broadcasts offer great opportunities to showcase a company’s own expertise and, on the other hand, can also be used to reach entirely new target groups if an interesting speaker is present.

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For example, entrepreneurs in the asia email list health industry can organize webinars related to work ergonomics. Videos can also specifically show incorrect posture, for example. Getting Started with Content Marketing It’s worth starting content marketing with a content strategy to direct efforts and resources to the right things right away. What is content strategy? Content strategy usually means a long-term plan for content marketing. Typically, it includes the high-level goals and means of content marketing. It should provide general guidance for operational planning and implementation of content marketing. It’s also good to separate your content strategy from your annual marketing plan, which is usually the more practical implementation plan. For example, release dates for various content can be marked on an annual calendar, while a content strategy outlines, for example, content subject areas and goals.

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What are the benefits of a content strategy? A well-crafted B2B Fax Lead content strategy helps guide marketing campaigns to achieve stated goals. In practice, it can help prioritize resource use and develop collaboration between marketing and sales. Content strategies can also reduce customer acquisition costs, and when marketing is targeted more toward so-called ideal customers, customer segmentation can be used to identify such target groups. Additionally, the content produced can be targeted at existing customers, in which case they may also order more services or make a stronger commitment to the company.

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