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Analyze and evaluate link prospects for quality and relevance

Once you have gathered a list of potential link prospects, it’s time to evaluate them and prioritize the best ones. If you’ve been following your evaluation criteria, this should be a reasonably straightforward process. Remember that we are looking initially at the evaluation criteria of relevance, Domain Rating, organic traffic, and traffic value. Here are the metrics I tend to aim for: Relevance: Either niche relevant or relevant to my target audience, depending on the campaign

You should be wary of metrics and not use

Them as your only way to determine the quality of a site. Many authority metrics can be manipulated, so it is always advisable to check each site to do your best and avoid spam. Remember that although buying links is against Google’s guidelines, it has become a common practice in our industry. Many website owners know the potential to Office 365 Email List earn money from link placements. For less experienced site owners who aren’t as adept at spotting spammy sites, there lies a great opportunity to throw up any old site designed solely to sell links. It’s in the interest of a site like this to manipulate metrics and look more authoritative than it is.

Find contacts for your prospects

The whole point of prospecting is to find sites to approach via outreach and acquire links from them. But you need contact details as part of your prospecting to reach out to them. This will be the last step in narrowing B2B Fax Lead down your list of prospects. Any potential sites you can’t find valid contact details for can be struck off your list. The easiest way to do this is to use an email lookup tool like Hunter. This tool allows you to input any domain, bringing up all associated email addresses and information about the company.

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