Human Resources Management and Organization Structuring

Human Resources is one of the most important elements of the management process as it is the main actor of the organizational process and management process. Management and Organizational Structuring, which we serve as. However, Albert Solino Management Consultancy Company, is one of our most critical activities for our customers. Restructuring the organization by taking into account the details of human psychology and creating a human resources management process that will create value for the company plays a key role in the success of the company. In this context, our Management and Organization Structuring Management. However, Consultancy activities are as follows: Reviewing and structuring  management policies.

Organization Structuring Reviewing and structuring

Human Resources Wage Policy Processes Human Resources Bonus System Applications and Establishment Process Management Consultancy Spreading the Job Function Email Database Company Culture throughout the company through Change Management  Career Planning, Backup and Talent Management Consultancy Appointment of the right person to the right position with personality test applications Creating and measuring. However, employee satisfaction surveys Annual Human Resources training requirements determination process and management methodology consultancy Establishment of individual performance systems and measurement methodology consultancy You can find more detailed information on our Management Consultancy Page.

In order to respond to your needs

We first consider your company as a whole; We analyze your company as a whole under the B2B Fax Lead subheadings of Human Resources and Management, Business Processes and Technology. We find out how we can better meet your needs with the outputs we obtain as company consultancy. In this regard, as a leading management consultancy firm, we ensure sustainability by providing training as well as consultancy services. Some deficiencies may be seen in the current situation of company structures or in growing company structures. For example, updating job descriptions in existing departments, the need for a new department, new job descriptions; inefficient use of the budget, disruption of activities or lack of technological infrastructure. As Albert Solino, we are here for your Management Consultancy needs within the scope of company management consultancy in such problems.

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