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Sometimes one little button can make all the difference in the world. Case in point: these three Facebook ad case studies. Clicking one little button can dramatically change the performance of your ads. ~ Molly Pittman In each of the three Facebook ad tests you’ll see in this post, I’ll explain how clicking one little button can dramatically change the performance of your ads. So, if you’d like to increase your return on ad spend (ROAS) by 245%… Or improve your cost per lead (CPL) by 41% or 55%… Pay attention. You’ll see how we did it by changing just a single campaign setting inside of Facebook. Facebook Ad Test Case Study.

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How We Improved Cost per Lead by 55% by Changing the Campaign Objective Once upon a time, we were hosting a webinar, and we wanted to run Facebook ads to get more people to sign up for it. This should have been a cut-and-dry operation but there was one hitch: Due to a technical snafu, we couldn’t place our Facebook pixel on the webinar software Netherlands Phone Number Data Thank-You Page… …which meant that we weren’t able to tell Facebook to optimize for conversions. As a result, we had to optimize for a different objective: links clicks. Now as you can see here, a single click is all that differentiates between these two objectives: Selecting yourobjective But oh, what a difference that one click can make! We ran this campaign using “Traffic” as our objective.

Phone Number Data

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to show our ads to people who are most likely to click on our ad (but NOT necessarily the most likely people to complete the webinar registration process). When running this campaign, here were our results: Spent: $1,500 Generated: 76 webinar signups Cost: $19.74 per lead Now that was acceptable, so we let it continue to run. But I knew I was missing out by not being able to optimize for conversions. About a week later, I got good news. Someone was able to solve our pixel problem, which Qatar Phone Number List meant that now I was able to optimize for conversions instead of link clicks! So, I paused the Traffic ads and started a brand-new campaign that was optimized for conversions. Keep in mind that everything els.



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