My plan to not lose money in February

My plan to not lose money in February. Things as they are. In January we made pasta with Beguerrilla. I couldn’t tell you how much exactly, but you already know that sales on Amazon in January have not gone at all as we expected. In fact, I believe that we have not even invoiced half of what we did in 2021. We have to get our act together to at least cover the costs in February.

Lower ROI to be more competitive

Lower ROI to be more competitive I don’t like selling below a 50% ROI. It makes me feel bad because it gives me the feeling that by waiting a little longer we would have gotten the money that the product deserves. Especially with email contact list exclusive Lego I have my “problems”. Right now we are doing just that. We are giving Lego that can be given a quick exit now. Especially Valentine’s Day products could possibly now have a little more outlet.

Add a new brand with 30% ROI

Add a new brand with 30% ROI If you thought that dropping to an ROI of 40% is already an important step, you might be surprised that we are willing to drop B2B Fax Lead  even further. For years we have sold a brand at a reselling level that we had abandoned because the ROI seemed too low to us. Since we have found a way to outsource some.

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