Relationships With Automated Campaigns

You must look at paid traffic as a SYSTEM. This system is made up of multiple advertising campaigns that work hand-in-hand to acquire leads and sales for your business. Every campaign has a specific objective… whether it’s to: Introduce your business to people in your market who have never heard of you before (indoctrination) Convert a site visitor to a lead (acquisition) Sell a high-dollar product to some of your best, repeat customers (monetization) “You have to use traffic to build relationships with people, just like you would in the real world.”These campaigns work together to build a relationship with prospects… to turn strangers into friends, friends into customers, customers into repeat buyers, and repeat buyers into raving fans. If you think about marketing as a relationship, a true relationship, not some imaginary person on the other side of a computer screen… Not only will this article make WAY more sense.

Goals of Warm Traffic

it will CHANGE the way you market, BUILD relationships with your customers and GROW your business… Good News: It Doesn’t Have to be Overly Complicated You just have to understand WHO you’re talking to, and at WHAT stage you are in your relationship. You would never ask a person that you just met to marry you (or maybe you would?!). The same thinking applies to traffic… you would never ask someone who just learned about your business for the first time to buy your $10,000 product Korea Phone Number Data This is where most people go wrong. “This is when you find new blood for your business.” They go straight for the sale without warming up the traffic in any way. You have to use traffic to build relationships with people, just like you would in the real world. You have to have advertising campaigns in place that automate the building of these relationships. So, how do we classify our audience by “relationship”? How does this affect the type of ads those audiences see? What do those ads look like? What offers do they see? When do I actually ask them to buy? We’ll address all of those questions in this post… But First, Let’s Talk About “Temperature”… At DigitalMarketer, we look at traffic in three different temperatures.

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Your Acquaintances

Cold, Warm, and Hot—pretty creative, huraffic Temperature bullseye: Cold, Warm, Hot Cold Traffic: People Who Have Never Heard of Your Business This is where you find NEW blood for your business. If you have a brand new business you obviously MUST start with cold traffic. You must build the relationship first and then ask them to buy. ~Molly PittmanIf you have an existing customer base, website traffic, existing leads, etc., it’s still essential to run traffic to cold audiences or you’ll continue to swim in the same pond of existing leads and customers. But, this doesn’t mean that you take your core product straight to cold traffic. That’s like meeting Hong Kong Phone Number List someone at a bar and then asking him or her to marry you. You MUST build the relationship FIRST and THEN ask them to buy. Think of cold traffic as the “Hello, nice to meet you. My name is Molly and here’s a little bit about.



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