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Vibras Eventos lands to create experiences with a personalized model

A new company is born: Vibras Eventos . It is a company specialized in the design and organization of corporate and social events accompanied by a creative and very thorough strategy. The objective is to promote a brand or an event with professionalism, experience, knowhow and very good “vibes”. Behind Vibras are the entrepreneurs (and friends of the house) Sheyla Pérez-Sevilla, Rebeca Marquerie and Pilar Ruiz de Gauna , professionals from the world of marketing, advertising and events with an extensive track record of more than 300 projects under their belt. backs. Vibras Eventos is based in Madrid and operates throughout Spain.

From the idea to the execution of the event

Surprising, personalized and real category email list experiences. This is what consumers demand when purchasing a product. Therefore, enjoying a service and, of course, when attending an event. Perhaps because in recent years we have experienced a series of changes that inevitably push us to seek the best in everything we do. Therefore, in every decision we make and in every minute we invest. As in any creative process, an event is born the moment the idea appears. From that moment. Therefore, vibras Eventos takes the lead to work, hand in hand with its clients, to materialize that idea through the creation of the concept, design and communication of the event .

A vibrant corporate identity with great care

The values ​​that lay the foundations B2B Fax Lead of Vibras Eventos emerge from its corporate identity. The name, sonorous and with a sensation of movement just by saying it. Therefore, is part of the groundbreaking spirit with which his work is governed. The visual seal of the company draws from the concept of “vibes”, good or bad – enhancing the former but being aware of the latter – both on its website and on its social networks, platforms on which it reinforces its communication. Experience, quality, talent and nuances (that search for constant change until finding the key that breaks the common) is the commitment of this company to provide the added value that everyone pursues and demands. 

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