Zero waste supermarkets in the

The zero waste trend continues to rise and Europeans are leaning towards plastic-free premises Bahena Lola  supermarkets Share Several cities in. Europe, specifically in Spain, have  stores or supermarkets that provide plastic-free products in bulk options so that each consumer can impact. The trend continues to be to reduce the environmental impact as much as possible. With plant alternatives that have grown. But also with friendly inputs. Such as reusable bags or packaging that is not single-use.

Alarming facts about plastic

 According to the media El País, mass production of plastics began only six decades ago. But has had exponential growth. In  world production was 1.7 million tons it was already 335 million. Recently, geologist Jan has  that with the plastic that humanity has  since the mid-20th century. The  Phone Number List planet could be  in a thin layer of transparent film. The World Health Organization also warns that half of the plastic  is  for single use; it is  that of the 8.3 billion metric tons that have been worldwide. Have become waste. 10 Zero Waste Supermarkets 1.- Original. It is a bulk purchasing supermarket, through large glass dispensers and with zero waste. The buyer is the one who puts the packaging.

Latin America a step back from the novelty

It was  through crowdfunding and has  multiple awards. With a system that works  through its app, it has a wide selection of products in bulk food, personal hygiene, home and cleaning. Deliveries B2B Fax Lead are made with returnable containers that you can return with your next purchase.  Market (Barcelona, ​​Spain): Online supermarket that offers home delivery, with returnable packaging, a circular economy project to reduce and reuse plastic products. (Barcelona, ​​Spain): It has a packaging return system, where they are responsible for cleaning, disinfecting and returning them for the next purchase.

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