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10 history podcasts for you to prepare for the Enem

Today there are several podcasts about history, available on different streaming platforms, that can help you prepare for the Enem. With that in mind, we have gathered the best content for you to boost your studies. Stay with us! You will see it here: The best podcasts to learn history and crush the Enem Scribe Coffee Coffee History geopizza History in Half an Hour FM History Cast history Black History Greek Nights president of the week verbal chess The best podcasts to learn history and crush the Enem For those who are still not familiar with the podcast format, we explain what it is! The podcast can be define as audio files that deal with different themes and are available on the network, via streaming services. You know the talk radio shows? So, that’s more or less there! One of the advantages of this format is the possibility of listening and learning anywhere, while traveling on public transport or waiting rooms, for example. In addition, podcasts do not consume as much mobile data as videos.

Which results in savings in data usage

Especially mobile telephony. So, choose a podcast aggregator, such as Spotify, Deezer or Google Podcasts, and sign up for the programs that we separate for you! Read also: What else falls into History in Enem 1. Scribe Café Conceived and conducted by Christian Gurtner, Escriba Café is the first podcast Canada Mobile Number List about the history of Brazil, produced since 2004. It has already been elected the best podcast in Brazil twice and was a finalist for the Deutsche- Welle award, ranking among the 11 best podcasts of the world. A great reference for anyone wanting to learn about history! Available on: Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcast and Deezer. Episode tip to start your studies: The Black Death 2. Coffee History It is affectionately called a “mini-podcast” for the short duration of the episodes. Experts invited by Café História speak briefly about the contents covered.

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Discussed are diverse, ranging from the explanation of a concept to news of great circulation in the present time. Available on: Spotify , Apple Podcasts Episode tip to start your studies: Who was Paulo Freire? 3. Geopizza Geopizza has this name because, according to a pun used by the founders themselves: “every story ends in pizza”. There are fortnightly episodes B2B Fax Lead  about history, geopolitics and geography . Rodrigo Zottis and Alexander Desmouceaux are dedicated to summarizing books, articles and studies in podcast format. A great help for Enem and college entrance exams, right? On Instagram and Twitter profiles (@geopizza), Geopizza also offers other formats of content about history, such as trends on restorations and unsuccessful historical preservations. Available on: Spotify and Globoplay Episode tip to start your studies: The Rubber Metropolises Read also: See how to use the Enem score to get into college.

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