Access Exclusive Product Contacts

Word of friends and family continue to be the main source of brand discovery at 36.2%. Television advertisements (31%), online sales websites (29.8%) and brand or product websites (29.2%) are other key means when it comes to discovering new brands. And, as the Digital Turbine study shared by Ad indicates, some of the reasons that make a consumer more motivated to promote their favorite brand are the rewards.

The good quality of the products

Good customer service (40%), when category email list something is relevant to their own interests (27.7%) and having a deep knowledge of the brand or its products (24.8%). Regarding the habits of these consumers, the Back to School study reveals that 74% of back-to-school shoppers play mobile games at any time of the day and approximately half of them do so while watching television or even in bed before sleeping.

Group of consumers throughout

Therefore, by advertising in mobile games, brands can connect with B2B Fax Lead this group of consumers throughout their day, attracting their attention when they are most receptive. Chat and messaging (97.1%), social networks (96%) and search engines (92.5%) are the most used types of websites their favorite brand are the rewards.

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