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 To that extent, Sae’s work is the product of an extreme situation: a situation in which someone who is expos to the mad destruction of a war is plac . If the threat of absolute extinction, of death, is the figure that perhaps best brings us closer to the experience of emptiness, it is natural that its mention inaugurates – like a brief declaration of principles – the series of updates that would later become a book: “I’m going to write about the first thing that comes to mind / about the emptiness / that turn me into a pseudo-poet.

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The absurd pain of war as a conjunctural background that catalyzes the expressive power of a writer, the beauty of the word playing with nonsense and the most popular virtual business database platform for social exchange on the planet us as a means for literary creation: these are the aspects, in a singular confluence, those that make this small work a rarity that is worth reading.Vincent van Gogh di a year before Vincent van Gogh was born. It is not an idle play on words or a joke.

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 Upon coming into the world, the creator of Starry Night, that genius who would later become the unclassifiable precursor of revolutionary trends in the universe of painting, receiv the same name as his brother, who di at birth exactly one year ago. One can imagine the gloomy impression that little Vincent experienc when he saw his own name on the tombstone of that stillborn brother. DOCU_GRUPO A handout photograph shows Self-portrait, by Vincent van Gogh There has been talk of a prenatal trauma B2B Fax Lead (Frank, 1985), generat by the feelings that overwhelm the mother, fearful that fate would once again take away the child she was expecting and whom she perhaps saw as a substitute for the other one, so lov and expect, that he had not been able to live.

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