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Town Regretful of Having

 Without a doubt, the texts have a testimonial record of singular importance to the extent that they are part of the vision of a creator and reflect the state of mind of someone trapp in the middle of a fratricidal war, in a world that is increasingly It shows the brutality of which man is capable. The motifs that are reflect in the work of this Syrian poet are vari. There is the uncertainty of war; his daily life and love affairs; there are subtle questions about the dynamics of a social network like Facebook; There are references, made with sharp sarcasm, to icons of Arab culture.

Forms It Takes on Earth

Perhaps we should hide behind a line of thought similar to that expressed by Gustav Württemberger, regarding Robison Crusoe (picture of business lead the survivor of a personal apocalypse): “(Robinson) …he has been saved, he has managed to reach land and his ability to learn Has survived. The ship of knowledge has been shipwrecked, but the power of it can be regenerated.” We want to believe that with sufficient and appropriate roots, we will eventually be able to rebuild – slowly – the tree of knowledge.

I Saw Friends Fall

 And allusions to his mother, almost an object of adoration for Aboud, appear scatter here and there. But all of this is definitely not enough for what Aboud wrote to be consider a chronicle. The lightness of a life that can end at any moment is perceiv in what Sae writes about and in the way he writes it . The everyday situations that appear interspers in the book always incorporate escape routes B2B Fax Lead from meaninglessness. The light exercise of mitation on some event that entails seriousness suddenly disappears, vaporiz by remarks that exhibit ges of disconcerting irony: it is like looking at the executioner, not to implore him for mercy, but to show him a placid smile.

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