View Whatsapp Status Without Being Seen Iphone

WhatsApp status feature allows users to share updates, images, and videos with their contacts. While it is intended to be a fun and interactive way to stay connected, some users may prefer to view others’ statuses without being noticed. View Whatsapp Status Without Being Seen Iphone. If you own an iPhone and want to discreetly view WhatsApp statuses, this article will guide you through some methods to do so without leaving a trace.

Airplane Mode

One of the simplest ways to view WhatsApp statuses secretly on an iPhone is by utilizing Airplane Mode. Here’s how it works. Open WhatsApp and let the status updates load.
Exit WhatsApp and enable UK WhatsApp number data Airplane Mode from the Control Center or Settings.
Return to WhatsApp and browse through the statuses.
After viewing, close WhatsApp, disable Airplane Mode, and connect to the internet.
By using Airplane Mode, your iPhone won’t send read receipts or show that you have viewed the statuses. However, keep in mind that if you’ve already viewed some statuses before enabling Airplane Mode, those users may still see that you’ve seen their status.

WhatsApp Widget

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Another clever way to view WhatsApp statuses discreetly is by using the WhatsApp widget on your iPhone’s Today View. Here’s how to do it. Access the Today View by swiping right on your iPhone’s home screen.
Scroll down to the Edit button and tap it.
Add the WhatsApp widget by tapping the “+” sign next to WhatsApp.
After adding the widget, you can browse through WhatsApp statuses without launching the app.
The WhatsApp widget allows you to preview statuses without sending read receipts, keeping your view hidden from other users.

Unseen App

To avoid leaving any traces while viewing WhatsApp statuses, you can try using third-party apps like “Unseen.” This app works as an intermediary B2B Fax Lead between WhatsApp and your iPhone, allowing you to view statuses without triggering read receipts. Here’s how it works. Download the “Unseen” app from the App Store and install it on your iPhone.
Open “Unseen” and grant it the necessary permissions to access notifications.
Once set up, “Unseen” will intercept WhatsApp notifications, and you can view statuses from within the app without sending read receipts.


While WhatsApp status is a fantastic feature for sharing moments with friends and family, some users may prefer to view statuses privately. By using Airplane Mode, the WhatsApp widget, or third-party apps like “Unseen,” iPhone users can discreetly enjoy WhatsApp statuses without leaving a trace of their views. Remember to respect others’ privacy while using these methods.

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