ChatGPT has landed on the Apple App Store

As the world’s top product this year. ChatGPT was launche on the Apple App Store in the Unite States on May 19. 2023. despite long calls. This is an exciting thing. As an artificial intelligence assistant. it can help us solve various problems. ChatGPT has landed on the Apple App Store. Such as searching for information. answering questions. providing suggestions. etc. The functions of ChatGPT’s APP are similar to those of the web version. except that it has an additional voice input function. 


And the voice recognition is very accurate

And supports input in dozens of languages around the world. For the Apple version of ChatGPT. you can Decision Maker Email List choose to upgrade to ChatGPT Plus in the personal center. The price is US$19.99month. You can enjoy the functions and services of GPT4. and then make subscription payment through the App Store. The only disadvantage is that it cannot be use in mainland China (it can also be use through technical processing. If you don’t understand. just ask the people around you who have been in IT all year round). ChatGPT has lande on the Apple App Store in the Unite States. opening a new era of intelligent virtual assistants As an Internet digital marketing practitioner. 


I have to talk about some of the advantages

And uses in digital marketing and data analysis. How to help us in SEO SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a technique B2B Fax Lead that improves a website’s position in search engine rankings by improving its structure and content. ChatGPT can help us achieve the following goals in SEO: Improve website accessibility : ChatGPT can answer user questions and provide useful information. thereby increasing website traffic and exposure. Improve the content quality of the website : ChatGPT can help us create more useful and interesting content by providing us with information 


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