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What are the characteristics? Object Orient Programming Concepts Platform Independent High Performance Multithreading Programming Masterclass Updat to Last Updat: Year Month stseller Lectures All Levels Learn and come a computer programmer in this course. Gain Valuable Core Skills and Certifications By , What is the concept of the Learning Programming Academy? Legacy Encapsulation Polymorphism Abstraction Interfaces What is data encapsulation and why is it useful? Encapsulation is a concept in object-orient programming to combine properties and methods in a single unit.

Encapsulation helps developers the

Follow a modular approach to software development cause each object has its own set of methods and variables and provides its functionality independently of other objects. In addition to this, encapsulation also serves the purpose Sudan Business Email List of data hiding. What is polymorphism? Polymorphism is an interface that has multiple implementations. This trait allows you to assign different meanings or usages to something in different contexts. For example, you can use polymorphism to enable multiple forms for an entity, such as a variable, function, or object. What are the types of polymorphism and how do they differ? There are two types of polymorphism: Compile-time polymorphism is method overloading.

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Runtime polymorphism uses inheritance

And interfaces What does the interface in refer to? An interface relat to is a blueprint of a class or a collection of abstract methods and static constants. Every method is public and abstract, but it does not contain any B2B Fax Lead constructors. What is the constructor in In , a constructor is a block of code us to initialize an object. Also: The constructor must have the same name as the class. Constructors have no return type  constructor. Name and explain the type of the constructor in . The two types of constructors in are default constructors and parameteriz constructors. The default constructor does not accept any input. The main purpose is to initialize instance variables with default values.

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