How Different Versions of Buttons Elicit Action

When you needed support, you loved that we have a dedicated support team, with real technical expertise – and we know this because 90% of you were satisfied with how our team resolved your requests.We love creating content to support you in product  Different Versions of  best practice and help you navigate marketing industry shifts and trends. We look forward to bringing you even more content and connecting as a community through events in 2023, but for now let’s check out some highlights from 2022.Our team has done a ton of research on SMS best practices (so you don’t need to).We added a new online email marketing course to our  family our virtual relationship marketing event, hosted by Marigold, brought you 30 presentations over 4 days mapped to the 4 stages of relationship marketing – Acquire, Engage, Personalize and Retain.

We know how important

deliverability is to you, so we sat down with our in-house deliverability expert, John Peters, to help you maximize inbox placement and Benin WhatsApp Number List engagement during the busiest time of the year.

e released over 20 new stylish email templates that help you drive interest and engagement in your email programs. Find them under the ‘latest category’ in the email builder.

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We’re proud to

be a partner who can grow alongside the changing marketing landscape and help you seamlessly connect with your audience, no matter what challenges arise. Whether those changes are the way we consume information, changes to legislation B2B Fax Lead and policies, or even changes to marketing strategies in the current economic climate – we’re always ready to adapt and pivot. Campaign Monitor’s coming Consumer Trends Index will forecast some of these changes expected throughout 2023, so you can confidently navigate the new year (stay tuned for more!).

Every year, we can’t imagine being more inspired than we already are by the marketers who creatively use Campaign Monitor to connect with their customers. Different Versions of But here we are, wrapping up 2022, feeling even more inspired than ever. We can’t wait to see what the next year brings – and we look forward to being a part of your journey in 2023.

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