Specifically, the company needs the right wedding stationery for the future bride and groom’s content (invitations, save the date, thank you notes, etc.). BRAFTON’s content marketing strategists understand that for content to be effective, it takes the same thing as a bridal magazine, almost acting as a wedding planner: Educate the couple about guest expectations Compare options to help them choose the right product for their ceremony Discuss the latest trends and how to implement them in your topic Provide answers to frequently asked questions Most importantly, the content has to be interesting! Planning a wedding is hard work and couples have to make a lot of decisions before the big day. 

When to Educate Readers

We created a content strategy around these goals and tasked our content writers with delivering pieces that are stylish and digestible, easy to read, and educational. What we ultimately offer our clients (and then see readers enjoy) are listicles. Revenue from organic blog visitors increased by 82%. Like your wedding’s “(x number)” unique color combination title “(x number)” included in your wedding invitation “(x number)” makes up half of the most recent post on the blog. In the past business quarter, the blogging Organic traffic increased by 16% and revenue from organic blog visitors increased by 82%.

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Blog content makes committing to products and services easier

When people are browsing the web, they are looking for content that they can consume in a few minutes, get the gist, and then return to their regular activities. List articles are about to give brides and grooms a better idea of ​​what they want so they can make their search for changes more refined. This bridal brand uses blog content to connect with potential customers who are looking for a brand they can trust, and then shows customers why they are the right partner to partner with as they plan their big day.

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