How to make an SEO budget

 Warns us that an SEO budget should not be calculated by the number of words to be positioned. Nor by objectives achieved. But rather it must be quoted for the hours that each of the activities in the different stages of the project takes. 1. Analysis and How to make an SEO budget consulting Initial consulting. Monthly consulting. Project following . 2. Periodic reports Tool settings. Scheduled of analysis. Research An SEO always has to read and consult. Because from the outset we do not always know how to position any type of project. This also requires time. Tools How to make an SEO budget These are not charged by the hour, but they may or may not be included in the SEO budget calculation, meaning that the company that owns the website assumes it or that the consultant absorbs the cost. 

How we quote SEO projects 

The following dimensions help us measure what we are facing with the project, to calculate fair figures compared to the hours invested to obtain the results. Site dimension: Indexed pages. Excluded pages. Pages with error. Redirected pages. Niche Phone Number Data difficulty Competitor link profiles. Competitor website that competes with industry keywords. Language and country. Website Technology with which it is made and all the technical issues that it involves. Content. Branding The less well-known the brand, the more difficult it will be to position your site in search engines . Now, if you are interested in knowing the tools used to evaluate each of the previous items, you can watch the full talk by Sebastián.


The link building budget included

If an advertising strategy is included in addition to your advertising campaign, you must correctly separate the budget that the client is willing to invest within the campaigns. That is, the client must have it available both for the creation of the strategy B2B fax lead and for the cost of the ADS campaign whose payment is made per. Similar to the case of advertising campaigns, link building is considered based on what the client is willing to invest for their external links, therefore, it must be treated jointly but giving it the specialized treatment it deserves.

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