How to Learn Spanish Alone for the Enem

Have you ever wondered how to learn Spanish by yourself for the Enem? At first it may seem distant or impossible, since most people. Can only learn with classes in language schools or in a prep course. But, with the internet and everything it provides. Nowadays it is very easy to learn Spanish — or any other language — on your own, and the best. often, for free! Read on to find out how this is possible! You will check. See what is charged for. Spanish in the Reference Matrix Use free language teaching apps. Watch series and listen to podcasts in Spanish Study the false cognates. Practice interpreting text and comic strips Discover different reading techniques Solve questions from previous editions of the Enem 1. See what is charged for Spanish in the Reference Matrix To learn Spanish.

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In the test’s Reference Matrix. Thus, it is possible to train a new language and prepare at the same time. The Enem foreign language test does not necessarily require specific grammatical knowledge. In fact, the main focus is on text interpretation. The 5 subjects that most fall into this part of the exam are current affairs. Poems and fables; news and literary works. linguistic diversity; text reading. Read also. English or Spanish in Enem. Which one to choose? 2. Use free language learning apps. One of the fastest and easiest ways to start learning a new language Indian Phone Number List like Spanish is through mobile apps. Through them, you maintain direct contact with the subject studied and acquire quality content. Below are some interesting options. Duolingo Duolingo is the best known — and one of the most used — app for learning a language. It is available for all platforms.

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The interface is very user-friendly

And the learning journey is very fluid. It is possible to unlock new modules and set daily goals. Read also. See how to use the Enem score to get into college Chat Another option widely used by those who want to learn a new language is Babbel. This app has limited free features, but it’s enough B2B Fax Lead for those just starting out. Through a very intuitive interface, the student is able to work on the most important points of Spanish and has contact with the basics of the language from the first lesson. WLanguage Spanish A lesser-known option among all those mentioned, Wlingua Español offers two variations of the language: the one spoken in Europe or the one in Latin America — more specifically the one in Mexico. With more than 420 lessons.

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