How to use the strikethrough tag

Text Decoration Lines. Adds a line above or low the text. Text decoration style. Sets the style of lines add by . Text decoration color. Sets the color of lines add by . These properties change the line, style, and color of the text, such as blue underline.   Strikethrough marks are us to indicate delet text. It looks like this: Strike Strike! Strike does this easier than deleting text with . But this also means that if you want to modify the tag, you ne to find every instance of it. Most of the time, the tasks that can’t done can’t done.

But what the does is

To make it easier for you to dynamically change pages as ne. For example, suppose you have the following code: text decoration: then all will remov. From here, you can remove the text decoration in each by changing one line, rather than changing each individual . Popular Courses How to Strikethrough Strikethrough? If you want to remove strikethrough from text, you can use the value of the property. This will remove any strikethrough from the text. Can you use multiple text decorations in ? Yes, you can use multiple text decorations in. You can do this by adding multiple values (separat by commas) to the attribute.

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So for example if you

Want to underline and italicize a word, you can do the following: text decoration: underline, italic; this will underline and italicize the word. You can also use multiple values for and . For example, if you want a line above and low the text, you B2B Fax Lead can do the following: : Overline, Underline; Text Decoration Style: Dash; This will give you a dash-style line above and low the text. So you can line, underline and underline your text, but you don’t want to cause it would make the text totally illegible! When should you not use a straight-through cable? when you want the text to readable.

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