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The digital marketing landscape is changing… again. At DigitalMarketer, we spend a lot of our own money on testing. We are testing tactics in dozens of markets including… Education Survival and Preparedness DIY/Home Improvement Beauty Finance and Investing In 2017, we drove millions of clicks from paid traffic mails, and generated 4.7 million unique page views to the blog. (RELATED: The Beginner’s Guide to Digital Marketing) As a result, we detect new  trends in s (sometimes years!) before they go mainstream. Here’s what the DigitalMarketer team and I are seeing as we enter 2018. I’ll go ahead and kick it off… Ryan Deiss Ryan Deiss, CEO & Co-Founder.

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Email will finally get some (more) competition. Let me be clear… email is NOT dead. Every year some chucklehead proclaims a new app or tactic (Twitter, Facebook, Texting) will kill email. Email isn’t going anywhere just like direct mail is here to stay. That said, in the same way email was a significant competitor to direct mail, I am seeing some Lebanon Phone Number Data new kids on the block” (« you’re welcome anyone over the age of 30) that threaten email’s dominance. Facebook Messenger, in particular, is an application I had my eye on as 2016 came to a close. Facebook Messenger now gives you the ability to communicate both one-to-one, but also one-to-many.

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We’ve begun testing the building of subscriber lists in Messenger and the upside is big. In the same way we are able to send offers, content and transactional messages (such as “Your order has shipped”) in email, we are now able to send these communications via Messenger. But here’s the kicker… while these messages can be sent one-to-many, thse Iran Phone Number List attention to this trend. Just ashave been built over the last few years (a prediction I made in 2015), massive subscribers lists will be built on apps like Facebook Messengess HenneberryRuss Henneberry, Director of Editorial As companies like Creative Live, General Assembly, and yes… DigitalMarketer continue to raise the bar in the world of alternative education — the wheat will continue to separate from the chaff.



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