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One way to ensure that text in an element doesn’t wrap is to add a attribute to the element, and not use any at all, but you can only use this attribute for certain elements, and it’s not very flexible. Using is usually the st way, so let’s see how to do that. Year Developer Bootcamp Last updat: Year Month Lectures All Levels just add hours of . come a developer with one courseand more! By Colt Steele Whitespace Attribute The most common way to prevent text from wrapping is to use the whitespace attribute of . This property will accept one of the following five values: plain nolap ex preline prepack breakspace As you can see above, is one of the values you can set this property to.

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To do to prevent text from wrapping in an element, but let’s examine each of these values so you know when to use which. Blank property value To demonstrate how the blank property works, we’ll use the Papua New Guinea Business Email List following code. This is : normal Vestibule Non-curv vestibule. Vestibule Non-curv vestibule Vestibule Non-curv vestibule Vestibule Non-curv vestibule Vestibule Non-curve vestibule break space Vestibule Non-curv vestibule. you’ll notice that in the above, I’ve add some extra tabs and newlines to the text. But all the text in each element is the same, so you can see how the whitespace attribute affects those whitespace characters.

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Code: background-color: blue; white-color; padding:; margin: pixels; display: inline-block; vertical-align: center; font-size:; width:; body-margin:; whitespace: normal If you’re interest in seeing this code live, visit here. Now B2B Fax Lead let’s see what happens when each value is set.  the blank attribute is normal. There are some rules that apply to text when whitespace is set to normal. Sequences of multiple whitespace characters are fold. That is, they are ruc to a single whitespace character. This happens even tween words. Newlines are treat the same as whitespace characters.

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