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Why Can’t My Phone Number Be Verified on Google Voice

Google Voice is a popular communication service that allows users to make calls, send texts, and manage voicemail through their phone number. However, some users encounter difficulties while attempting to verify their phone numbers for Google Voice. This article delves into the common reasons behind this issue and provides solutions to help you successfully verify your phone number.

Incompatible Carrier

One common reason for failing to verify your phone number on Google Voice is that your carrier may not be compatible with the service. Google Voice supports a wide range of carriers, but some smaller or regional carriers may not be integrate into Sweden phone number data the platform. If you belong to such a carrier, check Google Voice’s official website for a list of support carriers. If your carrier isn’t listed, consider reaching out to Google Voice support for further assistance or consider porting your number to a compatible carrier.

Number Already in Use

phone number list

Another issue that can prevent phone number verification is if the number you’re trying to use is already linked to another Google Voice account. Google Voice does not permit multiple accounts with the same phone number. In such cases, you must ensure that the number is not associate with any other Google Voice or Google Fi accounts. If you’re unsure, visit the Google Voice website and sign in with the suspected number to verify its current status. To proceed, you may to use a different number or release the current one from its previous association.

Carriers Blocking Short Codes

Certain carriers may block short codes, which are commonly us for verification purposes. Short codes are abbreviate phone numbers, usually consisting of five to six digits, employ to send and receive text messages. Since Google Voice often uses B2B Fax Lead short codes for verification. Carriers blocking these codes can hinder the verification process. In such cases, you can try using a different phone number with a carrier that supports short codes. Alternatively, contact your carrier’s customer support and inquire about unblocking short codes for your account.


Successfully verifying your phone number on. Google Voice can be crucial for enjoying all the features this communication service has to offer. If you encounter difficulties during the verification process. Check for compatibility with your carrier. Ensure the number is not already link to another account, and address any potential short code blocking with your carrier’s support. Troubleshooting these issues will increase the likelihood of a successful verification experience.

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