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That’s easy, but what if you want to make from an existing video? There is a solution for this too. How to Make From an Existing Video Let’s say you want to turn a video of dramatic chipmunks into: You can download this video (or any other relat video) using a free video downloader tool such as or . Empower your team. Lead the industry. Subscri to a library of online courses and digital learning tools for your organization. After downloading the video, please follow the steps low: Step : Import the video The first step is to import the video into.

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File Import Video Frames to Layer download. A window will pop up asking you to choose the length of the video you want to import. Since our video is very small (only seconds), we’ll select Start to End . For longer videos, you Bangladesh Business Email List can select Select range only and specify the length that should import. Make sure to select Animate Frames fore clicking OK. Step 1: Creating an Animation If you follow the previous example, you should already have the Timeline window open. Otherwise, follow the steps above and open the timeline to create the animation. As fore, you can choose the duration of each frame (the default is seconds, shown above) and how many times the animation nes to repeat.

 B2B Email List

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Always  Click the Play button to test your animation. If everything is fine, proce to the next step. Step 3: Save the animation As in the previous process, press or go to File Save As In the pop-up window, select Color and Dither . After B2B Fax Lead saving, open it in your browser. Here’s what you should see: Now you know the two ways to create a in Use an existing image or import a video. You can learn more advanc tips and tricks in the Mastering course. The is a great tool to use when creating, iting or designing images.

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