Panasonic Lumix GH6 review Worth the wait

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Panasonic has supported the Micro Four .Thirds format for many years. Increasing its potential and focusing . More on providing high-quality. Videography tools for quality enthusiasts. And its Lumix GH series has long been.  At the top of that stack. Back in 2014 . The Lumix GH4 was a defining. Moment in the history of 4K video recording, bringing the Ultra-HD . Format to a new audience. It was followed by the more advanced Lumix GH5 in 2017 .which then spawned a Mark II series in 2020.

The hand grip is much largere

The GH6 is basically the same as the GH5 and the S5 combined. To create a new model. It still C Level Executive List has some design elements of the older. GH models, but it’s bigger, more angular and has bolder cuts. It’s also bigger, which any GH5 user will notice right. Away when they pick it up. The hand grip is much larger in the front . And gives you something more important to hold when shooting. handheld. This is partly because the battery. Compartment is rotated 90 degrees, so the battery is not inside . The main body of the camera, but in the grip. It is covered with non-slip and non-slip material.

USB Type-C port for charging

As with most cameras, the GH6’s critical. Ports are protected by B2B Fax Lead a series of doors and shutters. There’s a 3.5mm microphone port. A 3.5mm headphone jack, a USB Type-C port for. Charging, and a full HDMI output. Along with mounting the shoe . On top of the camera .This means you can mount any recording equipment. In fact, the camera is capable of recording four . Channels if you use the dual XLR connector (sold separately) along with the built-in. Microphones and 3.5 mm input.

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