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It is a procural programming language. Execution A programming language is an interpret language. The code is run through an interpreter, which examines the code as the program executes. is a compil language that uses a compiler to check all your code at compile time, converting the source code you write into machine code. Code must compil fore it can execut. Spe Since is an interpret programming language, which translates code to machine code at runtime, and has the overhead of garbage collection, programs are generally slower. cause it is a compil programming language, self-contain executables can creat, and there is no built-in garbage collection, programs generally run faster.

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Applications requiring rapid prototyping due to its ease of use, simple syntax, and availability of third-party libraries.   functionality from scratch and require a lot of planning, so development takes longer. Syntax Use newlines to identify Senegal Business Email List lines of code and spaces to identify blocks of code. The syntax for uses semicolons to identify lines of code and curly braces to identify blocks of code. Robustness is a more robust programming language due to the powerful memory management and high-level language features it provides. is less robust than , since you have to manage memory and handle low-level functionality yourself.

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BUILT-IN FUNCTIONS Comes withA large library of built-in modules and functions for all types of functions, such as using saving data. Connecting to the internet, etc. Compar to , has very few built-in functions. And you have B2B Fax Lead to rely on third-party libraries. Even write code from scratch, to get advanc features. Variables in variable declarations have dynamic types that are determin by the interpreter and can change. For example,   variable and then change it to an integer. Variables in have a static type that must declar. This means that fore setting a variable, you must set its type, and that type cannot chang.

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