Ready to eat food packaging, a developing trend

Given the increase in demand for easy-to-prepare foods, ready -to-eat products , products such as bakeables and take-away meals, it is necessary to look for more sustainable packaging solutions. This change in consumer habits has increased the demand for more sustainable materials with high performance such as bakeable ones. The demand for Ready to Eat food packaging is growing due to the increase in the consumption of pre-cooked foods and home delivery, which . Has grown by 30% over the last decade, reaching 14 kilos per person per year. The supply of food containers and . Containers for prepar dishes that guarantee . The best quality of the content, respectful of the environment.

Types of “Ready to eat” packaging

Functional, and that allow the . Brand image to be enhanc, is key in the production . Of packaging. packaging-ready-to-eat Consumers value . The visibility Job Function Email Database of the product through.¬† The packaging and perceive that they have more control over what they are purchasing. Photo: Freepik You’re probably interested in: Ready-to-eat rice in sustainable packaging The variety of designs, materials and functionalities of Ready to Eat food . Packaging is very wide. To choose the most appropriate one, you must take into account the needs to which you intend to respond, the characteristics of the . Material, the production costs and its possibilities for recycling or reuse.

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Food packaging market

The conservation and transportation requirements of a fifth-range food are not . The same as those required for a prepar dish that must be serv at home. Below we will learn about the types of containers that are in dem and in the prepar food packaging industry. Packaging for ready meals and catering The supply of materials in packaging for home delivery or catering is greater than in thermoform  packaging, since the food is already completely cooked. Therefore, they not be sealed or allow a modifi atmosphere , but rather guarantee the best consumer experience. Among  B2B Fax Lead are containers for ready meals. The properties of these are: Thermal isolation Resistance to shocks and deformation.

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