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Take advantage of the growing hashtags in your sector

Because every brand and audience is different. What works for others may not Work for you. So you could start with. Post once a day, and see how it works. Then another week publish up to 2 times, analyze. The results and make decisions. In addition, intersperse the publication of photographs. Take advantage with videos, Reels, stories, or IGTVs, that is, varied content, thus avoiding the fatigue of your audience. 

Take advantage

Instagram formats and tools and set job function email list objectives for them Another very important point to gain followers on Instagram is to make the most of the different publication formats that Instagram offers. Don’t stay with just one. Analyze the competition and your publications and define objectives for each type of format. For example: Stories are one of the best ways to attract. Followers on Instagram.

As they offer

Good reach and great B2B Fax Lead interactivity with potential and real audiences. Reels give a lot of visibility since they are the growing format on Instagram, and the platform easily highlights your publications, etc. As for tools, you can take advantage of the alternative text of photos to better position your photos on IG. Another useful tool is to know what your best publishing time is, and thus share posts at that time to increase reach and interactions.

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