Taken Part in the Destruction of a

Of the total number of deaths so far, which according to estimates by human rights organizations amounts to 215,000 victims, around 10% correspond to murder children. upn_blog_hum_sae_11 dic To the north, more or less 70 kilometers from Aleppo, and a short distance from the border with Turkey, is the small town of Manbj. He lives there, confus among the other inhabitants, Aboud Sae . He is in his early thirties and works in a small workshop own by his family. Aboud is a blacksmith and welder.

Empire of the Incas He

 From his house he daily sees the military planes hover menacingly and the heavy tanks circulate in search of rebels; He hears and sees the exchange of fire between army troops, groups supporting them in defense of Bashar al-Assad’s regime, and business email list radical ISIS fighters. And while he waits for a new power outage or a new bombing, which has already destroy a good part of his city, he writes. He writes poetry. He writes it on his Facebook profile About him. The story began at midnight on Monday, December 30, 2011, when Aboud, a little timidly, post his first update.

Ends His Moving Story

From there, he regularly left posts that exhibit strange beauty. Little by little he made friends on the famous social network. The likes began to accumulate after each text. Sandra Hetzl, a German artist who maintains contact with the new cultural B2B Fax Lead movements of the Middle East, notic the poetic turn of the publications, their biting irony and the terrible scenario against which Sae wrote, and propos publishing it in the form of an e-book . your updates. The book was publish two years later, under a title that reflect the tenor of some of those updates: Me, the smartest on Facebook .

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