English in the Enem what is on the test tips and examples

Are you prepared for the English questions on Enem? If you don’t feel ready, check out this article! The English questions appear in the test of Languages, Codes and their Technologies in Enem. This is the area of ​​knowledge that aggregates the subject of a foreign language. Although there are few questions, English in Enem appears as text interpretation and can be quite challenging. So, thinking about helping you overcome this barrier. We brought you a complete article with everything you need to know about the English questions on the Enem! You will check. To study for the Enem English test? Falls in Enem in English? What are the 4 recurring themes? Examples of Enem English questions to train 10 tips on how to study English for the. Enem What to study for Enem English questions?

The first step to start preparing for

Enem’s English questions is to know how they work. Therefore, before we talk about which contents to study, let’s understand the logic behind them. As you already know, the Enem is divide into four tests that cover four major areas of knowledge. They are as follows: Human Sciences Germany Mobile Number List and their Technologies. Natural Sciences and its Technologies; Languages, Codes and their Technologies. Mathematics and its Technologies. Within the Languages, Codes and Technologies test, you will find questions from the following disciplines. Portuguese language, literature, foreign language, arts, physical education and information and communication technologies. It is among the foreign language questions that English is in the Enem (or Spanish, for those who choose the language). Normally, they represent only five of the total questions of this test and tend to work much more on text interpretation than on language concepts.

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What they will do is use

An excerpt from a book, poem, comic, comic strip or literary review as context and ask you to answer the question using interpretive text. See the question below, from the 2021 edition of Enem, as an example. Becoming Back in the ancestral homeland of Michelle Obama, black women were rarely granted the honorific Miss or Mrs., but were addressed B2B Fax Lead by their first name, or simply as “gal” or “auntie” or worse. This so . openly demeaned them that many black women, long after they had left the South, refused to answer if called by their first name. A mother and father in 1970s Texas named their newborn “Miss” so that white people would have no choice but to address their daughter by that title. Black women were meant for the field or the kitchen, or for use as they saw fit. They were, by definition, not ladies. The very idea of ​​a black woman as first lady of the land.

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