Hierarchize the information

The vocational training center held Hierarchize the a training session as part. Open UNIVERSAE initiative, attended managers. From companies such as Coca-Cola, Grupo Collados and Collados Gourmet. During the day, students receive advice to make their CV attractive and attract the attention of recruiters. The experts highlighted the importance of prioritizing the  How to create a successful resume information. Establishing a visual order. A successful resume and adapting the document.  A successful resume depending on the company. Which it is going to be presented, as some of theto change sectors. They are two profiles that must present a good resume to achieve their respective objectives, since this document will be the first filter that determines if the applicant meets the requirements of the vacancy.

Takes on special importance as it

Will help recruiters to choose one person or another. This has been one of the main questions that were put on the table in the last session of ‘Open UNIVERSAE’, organized by the  Higher Institute of Professional Training UNIVERSAE to advise and B2B Email List help its students face future experiences. During the meeting, in which attendees were able to learn. A successful resume from large How to create a successful resume companies – such as Coca-Cola, Grupo Collados and Collados Gourmet – the speakers recommended five keys to  writing a ‘curriculum vitae’ in the best possible way. Specifically, they were . Depending on Hierarchize the the weight of one or another option, the order will be established starting with the one that was most relevant.

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Establish a visual order

This can be done, for example, by differentiating the font sizes, using bold format… By balancing the weights, the recruiter will find the most relevant information at a first glance. Includes . How to create Personal data . In addition to highlighting information related to a successful resume B2B Fax Lead training  and work history It could be, for example, a section called ‘About me’.Use a quality photo . It may seem like a trifle, but it must have minimum quality requirements, such as being properly cropped and framed. For this reason, it is committed to the development of tools such as Zoom AI Companion, with which companies can improve efficiency and promote more effective collaboration in the current work environment.

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